Frequently Asked Questions

You have two options here. You can either purchase your own storage solutions where I am able to recommend solutions for your space or I am able to purchase these for you at a small additional charge. One point to note – you shouldn’t purchase storage before our consultation. You may have plenty of storage which I can utilise.

Absolutely not. I want to see your home in all its cluttered glory which allows me to see how your space is used on a day to day basis and what areas in particular cause the most problems and set off your stress levels.

If we can reach you by car we’ll be there. We are based in South Manchester and are happy to travel but please note that travel fees may apply depending on your location.

Each session is tailored to each client’s requirements and priced accordingly. We offer sessions from a minimum of three hours upwards. Feel free to give me a call to chat about your personal decluttering goals.

Absolutely not! I understand inviting me into your home is a personal experience and I would never discuss any aspect of your decluttering appointment. My approach is free from judgment and totally confidential. My vehicle is free from company branding for total discretion.


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