It’s not easy being one of the best cleaning businesses in Manchester. It takes recruiting the best cleaners, communicating well with customers, and providing consistently dazzling results.

We work hard, but we love what we do. Scrubbing, washing, ironing, mopping – it might sound weird but we love rolling up our sleeves and seeing the difference we can make, even to the most stubborn of jobs.

A million more people in the UK rely on cleaning services than a decade ago. There’s a lot of good reasons for needing this extra help. Our clients all require the services of our cleaning agency in Manchester for various reasons including:

  • Demanding jobs with long hours spent in the office
  • Cleaning the homes of elderly relatives
  • A growing family
  • Health problems


Even with an array of hi-tech cleaning gadgets, the average Briton still spends five hours a week cleaning. In a time-poor lifestyle, this could be better spent elsewhere – with family and friends, relaxing or playing sports. So it’s no surprise that over six million homes in the UK hire cleaners – for most of them, it is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Our cleaning services in Manchester cover every area of a home’s interior, including:

Finding the right cleaning services in Manchester can be time-consuming, costly and fraught with problems. A new cleaner is often someone you do not know – and it can take a leap of faith to allow a stranger in your home.

To find the right cleaner for you, they not only need to perform their job to the highest standards, but they need to be trustworthy, reliable, honest and hardworking. So where do you start?

Our team of Manchester cleaners have been handpicked to carry the Jaycloth Cleaning brand that we have spent years building. We have developed a team that is discreet, dedicated and responsible – as well as set on providing outstanding results.

We like to meet clients before we begin work, so we can get to know them as people, understand their requirements and create a cleaning schedule that is bespoke to them.

One of our driving forces is knowing our services will make a real difference our clients’ lives.


Being one of the best cleaning companies in Manchester means not losing focus on what we’re about. Despite our growth, we are obsessed with keeping a personal level of service. We concentrate on sourcing and training the best cleaners to provide outstanding results in your home.

Find the right cleaning services in Manchester for you by contacting the team at Jaycloth Cleaning Services.

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I was very nervous about decluttering and letting someone see how bad the spare room was, I feel a lot of shame about my house. Jason was very professional, kind and made me feel relaxed, I didn’t feel judged at all.

He wasn’t phased or overwhelmed by the room and made the process feel calm and achievable.

His system is really simple and he kept checking in with me to make sure it was at the right pace, I was impressed with his service of recycling and offering to take items to the charity shop too.

The room is cleared and he’s left me a detailed plan about how to organise items in the future.

I’d highly recommend this service to everyone that needs a helping hand to tackle clutter they’ve been avoiding for ages.

Anonymous, Levenshulme

After almost a year of shoehorning things into a large miscellaneous cupboard in my day room, I realised for the sake of keeping my surfaces tidy I was creating a complete nightmare behind the scenes.

No longer could I find anything I was looking for. It became a little overwhelming to confront the all mighty clear out that needed to be done.

Thanks to Jason he not only sorted it out with ease into logical and manageable compartments with labels and “places for things” but he also made it fun, not to mention how much quicker it took than if I was to tackle this job alone.

Jason was so easy to have in my home and I would most certainly use this company again.

JC, Gatley

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