Welcome To Can’t Believe It’s Not Clutter

Hello and welcome to the world of Can’t believe it’s not clutter. My name is Jason Roberts and I specialise in and offer a decluttering and organising service in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire areas.


What I can do for you

I enjoy what others avoid and love nothing more than helping people declutter and organise. Whether it’s chaotic kitchen cupboards, overstuffed wardrobes, relentless piles of paperwork or areas which have become a dumping ground. We are here to help.

I put systems in place to help with your daily lives and I can offer space management solutions. I don’t throw any items away unless I have been authorised to do so.

What does the service involve?

I begin by meeting the client, get to understand their needs and aims and take a good look around. I can also offer advice on space management solutions. Once the session has been booked we declutter, shift layouts to produce the biggest impact and ensure items are to hand to establish functionality and self care systems. We can work with what storage is to hand or offer advice on purchasing storage solutions. Finally, we end our journey with a post session debrief and discussion.

I work in an efficient, enthusiastic and cheerful manner which provides effective results for our clients. I am insured, DBS checked and have a confidentiality agreement in place.

Please do get in touch, I am happy to discuss your needs and requirements and book in a face-to-face consultation.


Make an Enquiry

If you have any queries or would like further information about our services please fill in the form below and one of our friendly team will get back to you.